New Life

          Lord, I didn't hear the Angels sing.
          Or music from Heaven that day.
          Yet I know You were very close,
          While in that bed I lay!
          Now when my fears surface,
          And I know that they will.
          I'll remind myself of that close time,
          And bid my fears be still.
          For that sure showed me
          That life is only a breath away.
          That with just a thought from You,
          I would have been in Heaven that day!
          I guess You weren't ready for me just then,
          For some reason now unknown.
          Maybe there are more seeds to plant,
          That so far have gone unsown.
          Help me Lord to live my life,
          The way You would have me do.
          Filled with the joy of living.
          just like You want me to!

~ Dot Wilson ~
January 27th, 2007

[ by Dot Wilson Copyright © 2007, ( -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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