New Year's Race

Lord, I've run so fast in this past year
Trying to do my best, but fear
It hasn't been quite as good,
As I wish it could or should.

In 1 Corinthians, chapter nine,
I read about running this race of mine.
How I'm running hard for the eternal reward,
A prize that won't tarnish strikes a chord.

If those around me run for a prize that won't last,
Then shouldn't I pursue one that will cast
Everlasting results at Your feet,
When one day at last our eyes will meet?

Help me Lord with discipline to run,
So one day I'll hear, "Your job is well done."
Keep me in Your Word each day,
Going there to find my way.

Give me a heart for those who know not
That for them, You gave a gift that was bought
With Your shed blood on Calvary,
So that one day they could be set free.

Help me to be vigilant in prayer,
So that the world will know how much You care,
So they will learn of Your great love,
So they will meet the Comforter from above.

Discipline me to use my resources
Of time, money, talents and sources,
That I don't even know of at this time,
But am trusting in You to provide in kind.

Work through me in the way You choose.
When I'm running for You, I cannot loose.
And as I look back at the end of the year,
I'll know I can press on without fear.

[ By Margaret A. Comstock, Copyright 2000 -- from 'Themestream' ]


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