Night Blight

      O fond remembrance of the past That cannot last, that cannot last
      Instead, the bitter deeds you brought to nullify all other thought
      What bids you come into my mind? When I had put you far behind
      So sure was I of finished quest, in which I laid you to your rest

      If t'were mere flashbacks I'd not complain
      but your visits are soul attacks that cause me pain
      And what about the happy parts? you keep them hid
      You return to me with things I wish I never did.

      Why is there only doom and gloom, without laughter and light
      I know I watched the flowers bloom, and that didn't happen at night
      And why reveal just the sin, when I know there was grace
      Yes, evil almost did me in, but good gave me embrace

      It seems that you hold all the keys, there is no hope for me
      Unless I find an antidote, that will set me free
      I've already tried the fruit of the vine
      which puts a glow on for a time
      Other drugs used to lessen the regret
      wake you with your head and guts playing Russian roulette.

      I have come to the end of this useless drama
      I will take the advice of my dear Mama
      The only answer for a nightmare
      is to "Get on ones knees in prayer."

[ by Eileen T. Waldron -- from 'Themestream' ]


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