Santa Claus reading a letter.

No Christmas This Year!

Santa was very disappointed in the letters he received
until one little boy of four touched his heart.

Santa had no desire to get out of his soft comfy bed.
He had no interest in Christmas or the letters that he read.
They all seemed so selfish and colder than any time before.
He was hoping that generosity would take over and really soar.

But as he read his daily mail, not one was genuinely giving.
It was I want, I desire, I need, I require, nothing about living.
Until he opened one he had never seen before.
He couldnít believe what he read, from a little boy of four.

Dear Santa,
I am just little and Iíve been a good boy this year,
I have a very brave daddy who hasnít been here.
Heís in the war Santa and heís been gone awhile.
I miss my Daddy Santa and the way he made me smile.

I made a card for him and put it in this letter.
I didnít want it to get lost, so I thought this was better.
All I want for Christmas Santa is for you to deliver this.
So my Daddy wonít feel alone and heíll know he is missed.

Santa held the tearstained letter tightly in his fist.
Iíve got to read this letter; Iíve got to know the gist.
So Santa opened up the letter and put his glasses on.
And read the letter to a lucky father from his loving son.

Dear Daddy,
I love you daddy more and more each day.
And I remember you every night when I kneel to pray.
I wanted you to know Daddy, Iím being very good.
I donít do things Iím not supposed to even if I could.

Mommy cries a lot Daddy, I think she misses you.
She tries not letting me see her tears, but Iíve seen quite a few.
If I was really big Daddy, Iíd come and bring you home.
Or Iíd stay and fight for you so Mommy wouldnít be alone.

Weíre going on a new adventure and weíll be living in our car.
So weíll be closer to schools and church, we wonít have to go so far.
Weíre even going to take our daily showers at the new YMCA.
Doesnít that sound fun Daddy, itís where you & I would play?

Thatís all I have to say now Daddy, except I love you so.
You are my Hero & Iím your buddy, but I wish you didnít go.

Your son

Santa filled his sleigh & decided there would be Christmas after all.
And we can thank that little boy, who made Santa feel so small.

~ Bonnie May ~
All Rights Reserved

Bonnie was born in Shamokin, Pennsylvania in 1945. Poetry has been her passion for 50 years and she has had many of her poems published. She wrote a children's story as a senior in high school, that was later published as: "The Tale of a Rabbit's Tail." Since then she has published: "Grandpa, When Animals Die, Do They Go to Heaven," children's book and two poetry books, "My Heart Wants to Tell You" and "MY HEART WANTS TO TALK! TALK! TALK!." These books can be purchased through

[ By: Bonnie May Copyright © 2008 ( ) -- {used with permission} ]

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