No Fences

I watched as two wee ones were perched on a cloud,

Smirking and giggling and laughing out loud,

They'd whisper a thought into each others ear,

And heaven just smiled as they filled it with cheer.

Little ones dressed in soft pink and blue,

Downy soft wings with which they made do,

Halos made up of rosebuds and greens,

Even a few wearing flannel and jeans.

I saw little cherubs swinging on stars,

While others sat strumming on tiny guitars,

Some chose to go on a fast comet ride,

While using its tail as a heavenly slide.

As wishes and prayers came up from below,

They'd catch them and somehow let us all know,

That as twinkling stars shine in the night,

Sweet little angels are showing their might.

Swinging and sliding and playing so hard,

Yet keeping us safe in God's big backyard.

[ by: Bonnie Church ( -- from '2THEHEART' ]


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