No Substitute for Mom

Her sleep’s interrupted,
Early each morn.
It’s been the same pattern,
Since the day he was born.

Another day of feedings,
And diapers a'changing.
Laundry and dishes,
And toys rearranging.

Her son is a creature,
Of habit and need.
And mom tops the list,
And so she concedes.

To spend time with her child,
'Cause he’s just starting out.
In the economy of children,
The woman’s got clout.

Her husband smiles
As he watches his wife;
She’s got a way about her,
That’s affecting his life.

She’s not always perfect,
But her love shows each day.
From mom to her child,
A price she’s willing to pay.

Sunday’s a’comin’,
And it’ll be special for her.
A day for all mothers,
Letting her know for sure.

That her work’s not in vain,
That her life’s a high prize,
That her very selflessness,
Has been noticed by eyes.

That love and adore her,
That cherish her beauty,
That see mother and child
In love, not in duty.

And she’s not alone,
In this sacrificial art.
You know someone like her,
Thank her for her part.

Moms do what they do,
'Cause God gave them skill.
And they keep on doing,
Even when they are ill.

Dad’s can be helpful,
But it’s just not the same.
When children need someone,
A "Mommy" by name.

[ by: Glenn A. Hascall Copyright © 2003 ( -- from Glenn A. Hascall ]


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