No Truer Friend

Forgive me for complaining Lord

And I thank You for this day,

But Iím feeling sad and lonely Lord

With friends and family far away.

Oh, I know that You are with me

And I thank You so very much

But what Iím needing now Lord,

Is a loving human touch.

I long to see a loving face

Smiling back at me

And hear a familiar voice

And not just their memory.

Itís hard to be alone Lord

But I guess You know that too,

For I know You have a longing

For Your children to come to You.

So, I'll spend this day with You Lord

And I know it will be just fine,

For I know, in all this world

No truer friend than You Iíll find.

- Lora Cox -

[ by: Lora Cox Copyright © 2003 ( -- submitted by: Lora Cox ]


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