No Where To Hide

The time will come when
This world will be here no more.
When we that are saved,
Go on to yonder shore.

Things here on earth will be different then.
Those not prepared, will not have died.
They are here and things have changed.
So they look for a place to hide!

The Bible says that things here on earth,
We can't know how bad they'll be.
Folks will run to the mountains,
Crying, "Come on, fall on me!"

But no matter where they run
There's just no place to hide.
Oh, how they'll wish they had
Chosen Heaven as where to abide!

But for them it will be too late!
They will never feel the total love
Of our Savior's forgiveness of sin.
Or know the beauty of Heaven above!

Don't wait and be in that crowd!
Now, while there's time to change,
Accept Jesus as Lord and Savior,
So your life He can rearrange!

Your sins He will take and toss them away!
The joy you'll have free from fear!
When the time comes for the world to change,
Christ our Savior will say, "Come up here!"

Then in that fair city with streets of gold,
There will be no more need to hide!
For there we'll be with our loved ones again.
And with Jesus we'll forever abide!

Dot Wilson

[ by Dot Wilson © 2003 -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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