Nobody's Valentine

I'm nobody's Valentine
You can see that it's true
It seems like a bummer
To many of you.

But I look at each day
And I see so much life
I refuse to be sad
Though I'm nobody's wife

The sun rises, then sets
Each day is brand new
My days are just filled
With too much to do

When I look at life's blessings
My heart sees you there
There's no one more valued
There's no one so rare

So on this sweet day
It's time that you knew
I can't think of anything
As precious as you

I'm sending my wishes
That your day will be fun
That you'll always remember
You've shown me the sun

The rain has come down
You've always been near
There are rainbows abundant
Because you've been here

This Valentine's Day
I'll tell you once more
You're the friend on the front
Of my Candy Store

The little pink hearts
Imprinted "My Friend"
Are in my heart's basket
So, thank you - Again

[ Debbie Harrell, Copyright 2000 -- from 'Themestream' ]


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