Note From Jesus

          My child, I know your heart is broken,
          For Iíve heard your prayers to me.
          Please know that Iím beside you
          And I want to keep you free.

          Free from bitterness and self-pity,
          Over the sorrow you have to face.
          Remain steadfast and trust in Me,
          My love will fill the empty space.

          Whatís happened is not your doing,
          So trust Me to be your guide.
          With all that you are going through,
          Know Iím walking by your side.

          Youíve asked Me over and over,
          "Why must I go through this again?"
          I can only tell you my loving child,
          This was caused by worldly sin.

          Youíve done your best through the years,
          Now give it all to Me.
          Youíll be stronger when Iím finished.
          I promise, just wait and see.

          I alone can heal your broken heart.
          And all your burdens, I will bear.
          Weíll make it through together,
          If youíll trust my love and care.

          All my unfailing love,

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2002 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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