Nothing Like It!

The closer I get, I want even more.
Then down on my knees, I go to the store!
My Lord comes closer when I ask Him to.
Then there in His presense I know that it's true!

My Savior loves me! Oh, how can it be?
When I'm so unlovable, it's hard to see!
Yet He died for me, And for you as well.
So when our life is over, We need not go to Hell!

He took our sins on Himself, and died in our place.
Paid for the sins, of the whole human race!
He died to save us, to give us a choice.
Whether Heaven or Hell, You have a voice!

The choice is yours. You alone can choose.
With Christ in your heart, You just can't lose!
You will love being close, In His loving care.
Nothing else in your life, Will ever compare!

[ by Dot Wilson © 2002 -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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