Nowhere To Run

        I started gambling because it was fun.
        But when reality hit, there was nowhere to run.

        I lost it all and felt all alone,
        Wife and family left me; there was no one to phone.

        I wanted help, and made that call,
        Addiction had backed me up against the wall.

        I walked 4 miles to get there, without much ease,
        The lady asked me to stay, she even said please.

        Help was all around me, I really felt odd,
        Lost to the world, my only friend was God.

        They told me I could help myself, if I wanted to,
        They said it could be done "but itís all up to you"

        I didn't sleep well during the night,
        And when I did, I had to have on the light.

        The groups were good and I was accepted,
        We all shared and nothing was expected.

        God showed me my enemy was sin,
        The enemy attacked me and was beginning to win.

        I submitted to God and gave up control,
        The only power that could save my soul.

        My family is for me with love and support,
        They donít allow me, to sell myself short.

        They will be back soon, maybe in May,
        Something to look forward to, I'll cherish that day.

        I am in recovery; the battle is not done,
        Thanks be to God, The Almighty One.


"But Jesus looked at them and said to them,
'With men this is impossible,
but with God all things are possible'."
Matthew 19:26 NKJ

[ Submitted by: Dwayne McKenna -- Ed:anon. ]


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