O’ Israel

        O’ Israel, Thou art favoured of the Lord,
        When you hear and speak His word,
        You will let go of your miss-spent youth,
        As you heed the arrows of perfect truth,

        On that solid rock you will stand,
        With the Lord close by and holding your hand,
        As you put on your garments of praise,
        On the eagles’ wings you will be raised,

        Your joy will be beyond compare,
        Never mind the folks who will stand and stare,
        Our Lord loves them too you see,
        It is in His plan for all to be free,

        Sinners will come, and there will be many,
        They will all want to be free from the grip of the enemy,
        Welcome them with arms wide open,
        For they will come running, weeping and hoping,

        You must be ready and do not fail,
        The Lord will show you what this will entail,
        Let the Lord help you to clean out the dross,
        So that you can show sinners the way of the cross,

        Faith, hope and love will go hand in hand,
        Keeping God’s promises while healing His land,
        Be obedient, for God knows best,
        Reach out for Heavens’ treasure chest,

        Keep on worshipping at the Lord’s feet,
        Praying for the salvation of the sinners you meet,
        Just be faithful, honest and true,
        His Grace and Mercy will see you through.

~ Pam Robinson ~

[ by: Pam Robinson Copyright © 2004 (pamev@blueyonder.co.uk) -- submitted by: Pam Robinson ]


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