O Death, Where Is Your Sting?

Mary, mother of Jesus, knew the agony of the loss of that Son as she watched Him beaten and crucified on the cross. He was God suffering as a man, but she was a mother suffering as any mother would over the death of her Son. She was devestated with grief as she took Him down from the cross and prepared Him for the grave. Her grief was intense for three days and nights.

When she learned that He had risen from the dead her grief was swallowed up by rejoicing over His triumph. Her feelings of grief were over and she rejoiced, for He was alive evermore.

The same should be true for each of us as we lose a loved one. The pain and mourning should be brief as we realize our loved one has also arisen and gone to be with God in Heaven, nevermore to die. Alive forever! What a wonderful thing. These thoughts prompted me to write this poem.


As Mary watched her firstborn bleed and die,
Watched His lifeís blood slowly ebb away
Felt the chill of an blackened angry sky
Her heart withered, grief and hurt were there to stay.

Three days and nights as he rested in the grave,
Yes, she knew He died to atone for her own sins,
Mary mourned the loss of life that Jesus gave;
She knew her heart would never rejoice again.

But when she learned he had risen from the dead,
The news healed and washed away the pain
Joy returned, grief and sorrow fled;
Never would she grieve for Him again.

The same should occur with you and me
Brief should be our overwhelming grief
When one we love goes out into eternity
Knowing they are gone with God should bring relief.

New joy we have, mingled with a touch of pain,
Until we conquer death and arrive on heavenís shore;
Knowing we wonít see our loved once again
Until we enter Heaven to live forevermore.

As with Mary our pain should soon recede,
Replaced by our victory upon this aging earth
As we submit to God our every need
Accepting Jesusí death for all it is worth.

For He arose in Victory!

- Joyce Guy -

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- submitted by: Joyce Guy ]


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