O Little Town Of Bethlehem

Angels blowing trumpets above shepherds and their flocks
Wise men following the bright star through the dark
A young weary couple traveling so very far to pay
Taxes to a king who cares not if they find their way.

A small dark stable reeks with animal smells
There are no church choirs singing nor pealing bells
Only quiet whispers and a Newborn's cry
Stillness reigns where animals lie.

Thirty-three years later the mother, now widowed and gray
Stands at the foot of the cross on crucifixion day
The tears flow freely for the Son that is gone
Yet she knows God's will has just been done.

Now, two thousand years go by
Folks rush through stores on a shopping high
Buying, bargaining, believing that is all
Not realizing there's more than time spent at the mall.

Half a world away, slingshots propel rocks
While others celebrate a holiday filling Santa socks
Peace agreements are broken, leaving unsigned treaties
People die worshiping so many other deities.

O Little Town of Bethlehem will you ever sleep?
Will the world ever know what secrets you keep?
How one night the Peace Maker was born
To bring the long promised Peace to a world forlorn.

Crisis and turmoil spread through the Middle East
Events foreshadow the coming of the prophesied beast
Earthquakes and wars, famine and disease
Is there no hope? Is there no peace?

The clock is ticking out the minutes of life
Time is running out midst all of this strife
Yet all is not lost. There is a refrain
It sings out of hope with a message blood stained.

The Peace Maker is waiting for the faithful to finish
Spreading His message that will not diminish
Its light is bright; its Word is true
Whatever life brings; He's calling to you.

Come all who are burdened, who cannot cope
I offer to you eternal hope
I died for you and I'll give you a crown
When angels trumpet in Bethlehem town.

[ By Margaret A. "Peggy" Comstock Copyrighted 2000 -- from 'Themestream' ]


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