Jesus, little girl and dove images, in the sky.

Ode to my God

          Loving God
          I love You
          No one can fathom the depth
          Of the love in mankind expressed
          It causes pain in Thy heart
          Though bestowed unto us
          The unfading and steadfast love

          Greatest Inventor
          I admire You
          There's none who deserved
          The title of being "The Greatest"
          All things were perfectly done
          Thy hands full of might
          Created a wonderful life

          Forgiving Father
          I come before You
          No other father without a hitch passover
          All the lapses and shames made
          Cleanse me a willing heart
          To be holy and righteous one
          Deemed as a lost and found lamb

          Almight God
          Praise and honor I offer
          No one can meet Thy holiness
          Glory and blessings to You alone is given
          I, me and myself desire
          To give Thee my life
          With all my strength, soul and heart

~ Mary Antonette A. Magaling ~

[ by: Mary Antonette A. Magaling, Copyright © 2009 ( ) -- from: Mary Antonette ]

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