Oh To Be

Oh to be a river
flowing steady and strong
moving along with time
to God it does belong.
No hard tribulations
it's only to exist
Earth's grand jubilation
through time it does persist.

Oh to be a seagull
maybe even a goose.
They are meek and humble,
their worries have all ceased.
No work, toil or remorse
flying high and carefree
following on life's course
soaring majestically.

Oh to be a song bird
bringing in morning's light
no lovelier song heard
to ears it brings delight.
To sing throughout the days
through rain or sunlit sky
they sing their song always
they bring such peace nearby.

But one thing I have found
I'm happy being me;
For I belong to God
no worries, I am free!
My voice to God I raise
through each tribulation
in humble simple praise
for I have salvation!

~ Melissa Sanders ~
( 03-17-2005 )

[ by: Melissa Sanders © 2005 (molassis@bellsouth.net) -- submitted by: Melissa Sanders ]


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