Old Glory

As I walked down the road one fine morning,
In the gray light just before dawn,
I approached a house with a flagpole
Mounted up above the front lawn.

And I saw in the breeze that was blowing,
A sight that is common here in our land.
It was the flag that's known as Old Glory!
Stars and stripes Betsy Ross sewed by hand.

As I reached the edge of that lawn,
A beam of sunlight streamed 'cross the way.
As the horizon was crested by dawn,
Thus began another beautiful day.

I lifted my face to enjoy it,
And then froze as my eyes did behold,
What once was hidden by darkness,
But sunlight had clearly exposed.

The flag was ragged and tattered,
Stars and stripes were faded and worn.
It's edges were raveled and threadbare.
It had seen much abuse, many storms.

Old Glory had not been protected,
Nor shielded from things that decay.
No value was placed on it's beauty,
To keep it from fading away.

As I gazed at it's once splendid colors,
Intended to glow like bright jewels,
I thought of our nation's beginnings,
And how it's seen many years of abuse.

When America's founders began it,
They had many dreams for our land.
A place of bright hopes, new beginnings.
One Nation under God was the plan!

They believed in a Savior, Our Lord Jesus.
The Bible, God's Word, they did take,
To build a foundation for freedom.
The kind that the world can not shake.

But as years went the Word was rejected.
"We're too smart for that now, you see.
We've technology and so much knowledge,
We have no real need for God to be."

"In God We Trust" for this country,
States the money we hold in our hand, but
We've banned Him from all of our classrooms,
And are driving Him out of this land.

Our nation is cloaked now in darkness.
Those blinded by it still stand
And admire the beauty and splendor,
That their minds say is still in this land.

But the Son-light will soon break the darkness,
And reveal to us once and for all,
That the nation is faded and ugly,
And it is inevitable that it will fall.

For the Glory has gone out of Old Glory!
Our government no longer weighs
Decisions based on the Story,
In which Jesus told us to stay.

We've perverted His Word and debased it,
Destroyed families and churches and man,
By making tolerance our national byword,
And sin as a natural plan.

We've ripped up our nation's foundation,
And built it anew on plain sand.
God's Glory is gone from Old Glory,
And a nation divided can't stand.

America, Praise God Again!

[ By: Mary Kay Young -- http://www.reasonfortheseason.com ]


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