On Cherub's Wing

I would have given the sun, the moon
And all that love could buy her,
If it had been within my pow'r
There's nothing I'd deny her.
But You, dear Lord, had longed for her
And missed her presence so,
And there was nothing I could do
When You bid her to go.

With Your right hand You spanned the heavens,
The skies cannot contain You;
In wisdom You ordained the earth,
And nothing can restrain You.
And nothing is too hard for You,
So this is my heart's plea:
Could You please hear these few requests
And answer them for me?

Reveal to her where is the way,
The place where light doth dwell;
The place thereof for darkness,
Secrets only You can tell.
And when You ride Your cherub
Take her with You as You soar;
Show her the treasures of the snow
Which You reserve for war.

Impart Your mysteries to her,
Your marvels now concealed;
Your hidden wonders still unknown
And yet to be revealed.
And I, who'd give the world to her
And nothing would deny,
Gladly entrust that task to You,
With gratitude, Most High.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"And He rode upon a cherub, and did fly;
yea, He did fly upon the wings of the wind."
(Psalm 18:10 KJV)

Isa. 48:13; I Kings 8:27; Jer. 51:15;
Jer. 32:17; Job 38:19; Psa. 18:10; Job 38:22-23

[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook ( -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]


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