Natures beautiful flowers and mountains.

On Creation

The things that are all around us,
We usually take them for granted,
The sun should shine, the birds should sing
And flowers should bloom when planted.

God gave us all these wondrous things,
We consider them to be our right,
We assume God put them there for us,
The moon and stars shining bright.

We never ask if we deserve
To be masters of this place,
We believe we're supposed to rule
Because we're the great human race.

The Good Book tells us this is so,
Not once, but again and again:
No matter how much you want to believe,
You know this was written by men.

How do you get the faith that you need
To believe they were inspired by the Lord?
To transcribe events as they were
And not just as they wished to record?

~ Mary Eileen Butera ~
Copyright © 2011
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Mary Eileen Butera, Copyright © 2011 -- {used with permission} ]


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