On The Farm

It was a busy day out there on the farm,
Always a gentle breeze in the Summer air;
Grandpa was weary and sat down to rest,
He slowly rocked in the old Wicker chair.

Birds flew to hide in the dense brush,
A graceful Hawk kept watch down below;
The deer paused as a rabbit rushed by,
Squirrels didn't know which way to go.

It was fun listening to Grandpa snore,
Grandparents are special people I've found;
The dog barked at a boy on a bicycle,
Grandpa snored on with a whistling sound.

Grandma brought two glasses of iced tea,
She is a dear lady and always so sweet;
Grandpa was weary so she let him snore,
The dog lay silent in rest at his feet.

The telephone rang and Grandpa woke up,
He looked around and then smiled at me;
I hope Dad will be just like Grandpa someday,
Being with Grandpa is a great Speciality.

~ Leona I. Miller ~

[ by: Leona I. Miller, Copyright © 2005 -- submitted by: Leona I. Miller (Poems4Today@webtv.net) ]


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