One By One

One by one we'll cross that river.
We'll meet our Lord somewhere on high.
Walk on streets that are paved with gold.
When we meet Jesus beyond the sky!

No disappointments in that wonderful place.
Not anymore pain, sorrow or fears.
We can thank Jesus face to face.
And God Himself shall wipe away our tears!

I pray dear Lord, that I will always
Be able to use my talent for You.
You died for me then rose again.
I wish there was something more I could do!

I'd like to be able to show, dear Lord.
Exactly what I feel for You.
Then I remember - You know my heart.
You can see my love is true!

I'm thankful for Your saving grace.
That has taken away all my sin!
And when I'm afraid of what's happening here.
Your Salvation gives me assurance within!

That when one by one we cross that river.
Troubles will be gone on the other side.
In the place Jesus went to prepare.
And that is where I will eternally abide!

[ by Dot Wilson © 2003 -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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