One More Favor

God please grant my last desire,
To help me on my way.
Please take my loved ones by the hand
And help them each new day.

Don't ever leave them by themselves
Or let them cry alone.
How can I leave them all behind?
Can't even call them on the phone.

I hate to think that when I'm gone,
They'll be in so much pain.
That all the time I've lived on earth,
Turns out to be in vain.

God do you think it's ok now,
For me to carry on?
Do you think they will be fine,
Now that I am gone?

The pain was getting way too bad;
I thought I'd go insane.
But how could I just up and go,
Without trying to explain?

And now dear God I'm on my way,
I'm knocking at your door.
Please dear God, grant me my wish
And let them cry no more!

I hope this poem will bring a little peace to
those who grieve over the death of a loved one.

[ by Becky -- from Jeff ]


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