Mother huging daughter.

One of Momma’s Hugs

Sometimes I need a hug, not just any hug, but a hug from my Mother.
The memories come flooding back and then the tears.

Oh. How I remember my Momma’s hugs.
Every time I do my heart feels small tugs.
The warmth inside made everything okay.
Having no fear, no pain, they all went away.

No words were needed for her to say.
‘Cause her gentle arms quietly relayed.
Everything I needed to heal and know.
That I would be alright for she loved me so.

OH, how I need her hugs now and then.
When I need comfort and I need a friend.
There are so many things I miss of my Mom.
But the hugs most of all to remove all the qualms.

At those times when I feel I need her hug NOW!
I realize its something my Heavenly Father will not allow.
That’s when I understand what her hugs did for me.
They gave me strength, courage and a need to believe.

One of Momma’s hugs could heal me deep within.
They would bring peace and healing, and a small grin.
Someday I will feel her arms around me again.
I know where, I know how, but not sure of when.

~ Bonnie May ~
All Rights Reserved

Bonnie was born in Shamokin, Pennsylvania in 1945. Poetry has been her passion for 50 years and she has had many of her poems published. She wrote a children's story as a senior in high school, that was later published as: "The Tale of a Rabbit's Tail." Since then she has published: "Grandpa, When Animals Die, Do They Go to Heaven," children's book and two poetry books, "My Heart Wants to Tell You" and "MY HEART WANTS TO TALK! TALK! TALK!." These books can be purchased through

[ By: Bonnie May Copyright © 2008 ( ) -- {used with permission} ]

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