One of the Flock

A poem to depict a man who asks for God's forgiveness.

He sat in a church and he struggled to pray
It had been so long he couldn't find words to say
As a kid late at night to his mom he'd rehearse
But today as a man he couldn't recall a verse
He was down on life and was down on his luck
And now before God on his words he was stuck
He had no one to turn to and no one to rely
And so unto God he gave one last try

"God I'm before you a lost, fallen man
Who's been trying to pray the best way that I can
But I can't find the words - I don't know where to start
So just know as I speak that they come from my heart
My life has been hard many wrong roads I took
And I didn't live my life like it said in Your' book
These words don't come easy like times I'd blaspheme
But please know today that those words I didn't mean
As I sit here today feeling down from mistakes
All I ask of for myself is to please don't forsake"

He pauses a moment then shortly he leaves
But God will be with him because he believes
And though he feels bad for the words he forgot
What to God matters most - he's still one of His flock

[ by Thomas Quintana, Copyright © 1998 -- from 'TPS' ]


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