One Teardrop

One teardrop fell from my Savior's eyes
It must have been the hour before he died
One teardrop after another for you and me
He shed that teardrop from the tree.

Can you accept Jesus in your heart today?
One teardrop has changed others along the way
Our precious Savior is calling your name
His forgiveness and love are always the same.

One teardrop from my Savior and King
I know He will bless you in everything
I wish that I could have wiped away His tears
Just like, He wiped away my fears

One teardrop that showed our Savior's love
I know He was sent from heaven above
Did you know He shed it for you and me?
He died so that we would all be free.

Thank you Jesus for your grace and liberty
Your precious teardrop has set me free
Oh Lord Jesus you are number one
Thank you for that teardrop you shed for everyone.

[Written by Mary M Henderson, © 2001 -- from 'TPS' ]


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