Pretty ring of red roses around a Mother's day poem.

Our MOM Was The Best Mom

The Bean Soup was "nasty," but oh, those
butterscotch pies and chocolate pies were heavenly!

Our Mom was the very best mom a mom could ever be;
She washed grubby clothes on Mondays for the other kids and me.
But when we came home after school and crossed over the stoop,
We remembered it was the dreadful day for bean and bacon soup!
On top of that, the day's hard work had Mom about worn out.
Monday wasn't the best day, cause mom's face was in a pout.

On Tuesdays, she ironed and mended, and things were better then;
But there was always a pile of holey socks waiting for her to mend.
I can't remember Wednesday's job, though each day had its work.
With 5 young'uns and our Pop besides, her duties could not be shirked.
When Thursday came, Mom cleaned upstairs and in the garret, too,
And dust bunnies ran for cover, knowing what our mom would do!

Friday was the downstairs day from the front door to the back,
And Mom made sure the dirt was gone from every little crack.
Saturday was my favorite day, cause our Mom liked to bake.
I loved to be the spoon-licker when mom made chocolate cake,
Or butterscotch pie, Raisin Church Cake, or even Philly Fudge;
I just can't say which one was best -- it was much too hard to judge!

Down in the dirt-floor cellar, where Pop built a row of shelves,
Were jars of peaches and tomatoes Mom had canned herself.
Those canning days were extra-long, when Mom worked even harder
From dawn to dusk, preparing foods to store in the family larder.
I'm not forgetting Sunday, that special day of all seven
When she helped us kids get ready for church so we'd be fit for heaven.

Lost shoes were found, prayer-books in hand, kids lined up in a row,
A dab of spit to hold down our hair and we were ready to go!
I don't have time to tell of all the fun Mom could invent
Picnics at our rock on the hill, hikes and blanket tents;
Taking food out in our little yard to set up our own play store,
Follow the Arrow, Hide The Penny, fun and laughs galore!

I've tried to give you an inkling of how great a mom can be.
You have a tiny picture now of what our Mom meant to me.
By her wise example and unselfish love, she taught us how to live;
By her big heart of generosity, she taught us how to give;
And by her faith in Jesus, she taught us to follow her Lord.
I told you our Mom was The Best Mom, and I couldn't love her more!

~ Connie Faust ~
Copyright © 2012
All Rights Reserved
[ by: Connie Faust Copyright © 2012 ( - submitted by: Connie Faust ]

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