Our Dearest Friend

Let each day we live be a blessing.
as God showers us with His love.
For Heís always watching over us,
from His heavenly home above.

Let each day be filled with joy and peace,
from dawning of day through night.
But when the problems of life get us down,
letís look to God to solve our plight.

Heíll never leave His childrenís side.
He is always there for us.
He longs to be our closest friend,
so in Him, letís put our trust.

No matter if weíre happy or sad,
Godís love is ever true.
He wants to see us happy,
and He offers us comfort too.

He will lift us up through all we face,
for we are each His special child.
Heíll give us all the strength we need.
to walk that extra mile.

Itís wonderful to know thereís One,
on whom we can always depend.
For when Jesus became our Savior,
He also became our dearest friend.

Throughout our life we each have friends,
who will extend a helping hand.
But Jesus is our only friend,
whose love is as endless as grains of sand.

When our life on earth is over,
and we cross that pearly shore.
Jesus, our most precious friend,
is waiting to greet us at heavenís door.

[ by: Emily McAdams Copyright © 2002 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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