Our Love Has Lasted

The joy I have, with this friend of mine,
Being in his presence makes me feel fine,
He makes me feel warm, and all aglow,
Makes me want to tell, everybody I know.

Our love has lasted a very long time,
I whisper His name, I know He is mine,
The look in His eyes, just melts my heart,
I fell deeply in love, right from the start.

The one I was with, before I met Him,
He was so bad, ruthless and grim,
He didn't love me, not even one day,
He wanted my soul, to stay astray.

I couldn't trust him, he was so bad,
Being in his presence, made me so sad,
Had I not changed, and left when I did,
I would be lost, my soul he had bid,

I guess by now, you know what I mean,
With the first, I didn't want to be seen.
He took me down, his old path of sin,
No way with him, would I ever win.

My eyes were blinded by his scheme,
I had been tricked, he was so mean,
Once and for all, I settled the score,
I said to satan, I'm not yours anymore.

I belong to Jesus, I've fallen in love,
He's built for me, a home up above,
He says it's a mansion, and I can't wait,
I'm glad I found Jesus, before it's to late.

My love for Him, is stronger now,
I can't help but love Him, anyhow,
No turning back, living like before,
I don't have to live like that, anymore.

[ by: Mary Eldridge © 2002 (I_Serve_Jesus@webtv.net) -- submitted by Mary Eldridge ]


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