Our Love Is Like A Rose Garden

Still snuggled in your bed,
As from my room I creep.
Knowing not I venture forth,
You think I'm sound asleep.

Early in the morning light,
Spring's day begins anew.
As I walk into the rose garden,
It makes me think of you.

To me each rose is a delight,
A love gift just from you.
Here's a yellow rose so bright,
Another a somber hue.

You planted each to please me,
And you tend them all with care.
Upon your face its joy I see,
Each bloom you love to share.

The roses remind me of my marriage,
I've lived in a garden fine.
And it's been all of fifty years,
Oh, my life has been divine.

God blessed us with a family,
Our children bring us love.
Grandchildren are our bonus,
Each a gift from Him above.

We've shared so many happy years,
And had some sad times too.
All through our happiness and tears,
I've stayed in love with you.

'Twas September 1950 dear,
When wedded we'd become.
I treasure each and every year,
And plan for more to come.

I try to count the many ways,
You make my life complete.
But that would take too many days.
You're love just can't be beat.

You like share your laughter,
And your special loving way.
You show me kindness always,
And this is what I pray

May you know my dearest one,
I love you more and pray,
We'll share the roses now,
And share "Forever and a Day".

To my Willie, with all my love
on our 50th Wedding Anniversary,

[ by Pat Lowe (pawlowe@televar.com) -- from '2TheHeart' ]


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