New Hampshire scenery.

Our Town

          There's a small town in the mountains,
          Population, five hundred and three;
          It's the place where we have our home,
          The only place where we want to be.

          Not too much goes on around here,
          Since they closed the old Palermo mine;
          But we'll take it over the city,
          Wildlife roams free and the quiet s fine.

          Not a single traffic light in town,
          The only noise is from the critters;
          Would we move back into the city?
          Just the thought gives us the jitters.

          We once thought we'd like to move back there,
          To all the traffic and commotion;
          We thought about it a little more,
          Well, it was just a silly notion.

          Yes, this certainly is our town,
          The one place that we want to be;
          We have a natural frog pond,
          And the spring water is free.

          From chemicals and additives,
          We've no need for any of those;
          And should we lose our electricity,
          The brook's just fine for washing our clothes.

          The waterfall over yonder,
          It flows right through our property;
          The stone walls lining our driveway,
          Jon and I built them ourselves for free.

          We don't even have a post office,
          So we drive on down the switchback hill;
          We have been in town for four years now,
          But up or down we still feel the thrill.

          At the wonders of nature around,
          The old stone houses built with sweat;
          At all the mountains not so distant,
          We haven't gotten over it yet.

          Yes, this is our small town,
          The place where we will stay;
          Where kids grow up knowing,
          It's safe to go out and play.

~ Paul D. Berube ~
March 13, 2007
Copyright 2007
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Paul D. Berube Copyright © 2007 ( ) -- submitted by: Paul D. Berube ]

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