Peace, Be Still

          I wasn't busy, I wasn't playing.
          I wasn't listening and I wasn't praying.
          I held a book, but wasn't reading,
          I was trying to think, but not succeeding.

          Questions flitted to and fro,
          Thoughts would come and then they'd go.
          The Lord, He tried to pin me down,
          But my mind kept going 'round and 'round.

          My mind was like a stormy sea,
          My boat was sinking fast with me.
          Then I heard a voice so real...
          "My child," He said..."Peace, be still."

          God's calming Spirit fell like rain,
          To soothe my heart and heal my pain.
          To cleanse away the hectic day,
          So I could listen and I could pray.

          When your mind is like a stormy sea,
          And you can't get where you want to be,
          When your cup is empty and hard to fill,
          "My child," He says..."PEACE, BE STILL."

~ Bonnie David ~
April 1992

[ by: Bonnie David ( -- from Bonnie David ]


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