Peace In His Presence

In this world of uncertainty,

Where tomorrow may never be,

We have a hope that we can cling to,

That we find only, Lord, in Thee.

With You we need not fear,

No worries to consume our minds,

For each moment lies in Your hands,

With You peace is what we'll find.

We may lose our worldly possessions,

Relationships may come and go,

But Your presence is ever abiding,

Your blessings will always flow.

If we are faithful in our service,

Dedicating our hearts and lives to You,

Nothing will ever be too great for You, Lord,

You will forever be there to see us through.

So we'll cast all of our cares upon You,

We'll fret not what tomorrow will bring,

For the Lord watches over His children,

With You we KNOW we can face ANYTHING.

- Linda Lee Wolovich -

[ by: Linda Lee Wolovich Copyright © 2003 ( -- submitted by: Linda Lee Wolovich ]


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