The sun is rising brightly on this wondrous Easter morn.
      A scene that's so breathtaking makes you glad that you were born.
      The silence of the breaking dawn and beauty of the sky,
      Makes you stop and meditate and sometimes wonder why?

      Why with all this beauty in a world so clean and bright,
      Must people be so selfish that they always want to fight.
      Countries battle constantly and there is no relief,
      People take up arms to fight because of a belief.

      So quiet as I stand here gazing at the rising sun,
      So beautiful I can't imagine hurting anyone.
      The world is big enough it seems why do they have to fight,
      The sun is shining on us all and sets on us at night.

      The beauty of creation and the beauty of this planet,
      So many times are overlooked and taken so for granted.
      The few years that we have here should be lived for all it's worth,
      But we must spend so much of it to fight for peace on earth.

      I think of Easter morning and I think about the past,
      I think of times we did have peace but it would never last.
      I think about the beauty in the glowing morning sun,
      And on this Easter morning think about the other son.

      The world has always been corrupt, that's why he had to come,
      And as with morning sunlight he arrived for everyone.
      He came into this world to bring the peace that it so needed,
      But when he left so many times his words were left unheeded.

      As beautiful as this world is, it changes constantly,
      And total peace is something that this world will never see.
      Earth will always strive for peace the way it's always been,
      The peace he brought for all mankind is something that's within.

      So everyday the sun will rise to give the day it's start,
      And everyday the son will shine upon a willing heart.
      Peace that we are seeking will one day find it's perfection,
      Because of Easter morning and the peaceful resurrection.

[ by James A. Kisner © 2002 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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