Perfect Arrangement

I sat beside a rosebud
Fragrant and full-blossomed
Beside her sits an Iris
Dog-eared, brilliant, awesome

The church is full of flowers
Each different and unique
The view is most delightful
Though a sight most fail to see

If God made each a flower
For the world to fix a gaze
We would make a fine bouquet
As we send up our praise

God made each unrivaled
In shade, design and sniff
Yet I know there are times
We treat each other as if...

We’ve encountered stinkweed
The stench, it does offend
The color seems too gaudy
Or far to dingy in the end

But God made each bloom special
Selecting color, scent and hue
We are his full arrangement
Made of him, her, me and you.

[ by: Glenn A. Hascall Copyright © 2003 ( -- from Glenn A. Hascall ]


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