Heavenly light piercing the darkness.

Piercing the Darkness!

          I hate the thought of being controlled,
          I just cant quell the storm within
          The waves of anger envelope my soul
          My Lord I cant conquer this sin!

          I long for your Spirit deep inside,
          I seek His tender touch,
          I know His guidance and His Love
          Will ease the pain so much!

          One hand I know I can always trust,
          One voice inside I know so well,
          My Lord your Spirit deep within
          My anger, hurt and pain will quell!

          I think I've sorrowed a presence I love
          I feel I've lost His guiding light,
          Oh Lord, I cant, I just cant go on,
          I need His presence - He'll give me back my sight!

          O Gentle Spirit......

          In my weakness, be my strength,
          In my darkness, be my light
          In my anger, be my calm,
          In my blindness, be my sight!

~ Judy Doyle ~

[ by: Judy Doyle, Copyright © 2009 -- submitted by: Judy Doyle ]

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