Post Holiday Blues

      I just canít put my finger on the reason Iím distressed,
      The holidays have come and gone and I am so depressed.
      It has to be subconscious for I find no reason why,
      Sometimes it overwhelms me so that I just want to cry.

      I try to think of reasons why my solemn attitude,
      But nothing I can think of explains why Iím in this mood.
      The holidays went well enough with all the things I planned,
      Then why am I deep in despair, I cannot understand.

      Emotions flood my very soul and just consume me so,
      Then suddenly depression hits and why I just donít know.
      I tell myself ďget over itĒ then I make up a reason,
      It has to be post stress that comes after the Christmas season.

      Because of all the buildup and the love that people share,
      Because the Christmas Spirit seems to permeate the air.
      But when itís done it seems like people let the spirit flee,
      And many times Iíve heard the words ďback to reality.Ē

      ďRealityĒ I want to scream ďthat was reality.Ē
      That is the way this whole wide world should be for you and me.
      But itís been said so many times in song and poetry,
      If it lasted all year long what a wonderful world it would be.

      So as I sit and meditate in my reality,
      And wonder why depression has a gripping hold on me.
      There must be reasons hidden deep with in my conscious mind,
      To cause me such stressful emotions to which I am blind.

      But if I try to grasp the spirit each and every day,
      Maybe out of my depression, it will know the way.
      Maybe I wonít wait for Christmas to come once a year,
      If I try to keep the spirit each day that Iím here.

      But I have heard some others say they feel the way I do,
      The post holiday depression is not something new.
      Live each day for all itís worth just live and love and laugh,
      Knowing in your heart as always that this too shall pass.

~ James A. Kisner ~

[ by James A. Kisner © 2001 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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