Praise To My Lord

When You were planning my sojourn on earth,

You determined the time and place of my birth.

Thank You, dear Lord for placing me here,

In a country Youíve blessed and I live without fear.

When I accepted Jesus, You already knew,

The day and the time Iíd surrender to You.

You knew as a Christian, my growth would be slow,

Thank You for Your patience ~ now Iím ready to grow.

You are the potter Lord; I am the clay.

Mold me and shape me Your own special way.

Make me in a way I will magnify You.

And I will live daily, as You want me to.

With each breath You give, Iíll praise You each day.

Your spirit will guide me to walk in Your way.

Daily I will strive to abide in Your will,

And give You the glory for each task I fulfill.

You are my Master ~ Youíre still on Your throne.

Youíre always with me ~ Iím never alone.

I want to serve You ~ You are my King.

I love and adore You ~ Your praises I sing.

Thank You dear Lord for Your mercy and grace.

Thank You sweet Jesus for taking my place.

When You hung on that cross, You were thinking of me.

I praise You each day ~ Your death set me free.

When I arise each morning, the first thing I do,

Is lift up my arms and give praises to You.

I ask that Your Spirit overflow in my soul

So all that I meet, will know itís You I behold.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2002 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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