A little girl and her dolls praying beside her bed.

A Prayer in Times of Trouble

Upon my bed I lay me down
My forehead drawn into a frown;
Many troubles flung my way -
Lord, I plead for help this day.

Weak am I; my strength is gone
My broken heart bereft of song;
Lord please listen to my prayer;
Help me now my burdens bear.

All my thoughts are known to You;
You know what I am going through.
Draw me closer to Your side;
Under Your wing I will abide.

Quietly I'll wait for You
To do what only You can do;
Banish darkness with Your Light
And answer when the time is right.

~ Belinda van Rensburg ~
Copyright © 2009
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Belinda van Rensburg Copyright © 2009 ( lindievr@yahoo.com ) -- submitted by: Belinda van Rensburg ]

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