Prayer of Jabez

Recently, I heard about a man
Who we simply know as Jabez,
But he prayed a powerful prayer,
So let us see what it says...

"Oh, Lord, that You would bless me,"
he starts off by saying,
"that You would bless me indeed,"
Jabez is earnestly praying!

He knows that He needs God
To make his future bright;
He pleads to Him, his only hope,
The One who can make it right...

"...that You would enlarge my borders,"
he prays, for Jabez understands
that in order to do more for his Lord,
he needs influence in the lands...

"...that Your hand would be with me,"
he says, and requests Godís mighty touch;
heís aware Godís supernatural power
is mighty to do much!

"...that You would protect me from evil..."
(Jabez knows about the evil one,
who will seek to kill and destroy
the wonderful works God gets done)...

"...that I may not cause pain..."
Jabez ends his prayer,
for he wants all he does for God
to be done only in love and care.

Yes, we can learn a lot
From this prayer, simple -- yet profound.
Let us, too, seek Godís greatest good
And claim for Him more ground.

Letís beg for His presence with us
And for deliverance from the enemy.
Letís pray that we can be a blessing
In our God-given territory.

Letís pray the prayer of Jabez
And please God in this way
And watch Him take our simple sentences
And answer us as we pray...

Then, letís be ready for daily miracles
And to live an exciting story,
As we go about serving Him,
And watching Him get greater glory!


[ by Cynthia Evans ( -- submitted by: Cynthia Evans ]


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