Precious Condition

      She softly touched her belly as she felt a little kick,
      So far she had been lucky never really feeling sick.
      Her mother warned her it will come, some days you will feel ill,
      But sickness never came to her and there's no sickness still.

      With only weeks to go before she starts a brand new life,
      She'll add the name of mommy to the one she now calls wife.
      To be a wife and mother is the greatest gift on earth,
      And she is going to play the part for all that it is worth.

      It's all she ever wanted to feel happy and complete,
      And now it all will happen and her husband's been so sweet.
      He caters to her every mood and satisfies each whim,
      And she just smiles while thinking just how much she does love him.

      She thought about the first day when she told him of the child,
      He was so excited acting like he had gone wild.
      Laughing and just hugging her and blubbering like a fool,
      He was usually quiet but that day he lost his cool.

      She had even giggled at how it affected him,
      And wondered if that was the way that it affected men.
      He was so excited he was going to be a dad,
      And how he acted was the thing that really made her glad.

      He has been so sweet to her since first he had found out,
      He will be a loving father and she has no doubt.
      He does all the right things as a new father-to-be,
      And she smiles and thinks "how special that he is to me."

      Even sometimes when she feels so fat and out of shape,
      He has special words for her and that is all it takes.
      He adores the shape she's in and says it everyday,
      That she is so beautiful especially in this way.

      He said there is nothing else so beautiful on earth,
      As a woman who's with child waiting for the birth.
      There is a glow about you and you look so very fine,
      Maybe it's because you love me and the baby's mine.

      But I'm sure expectant fathers all feel like I do,
      Waiting for their first-born and a life that will be new.
      Realizing when it's born it was sent from above,
      The ultimate expression for us as we've shared our love.

      So as she thinks of all the words that he has said to her,
      Once again inside herself she feels a little stir.
      The ultimate achievement for a husband and a wife,
      From within she feels the movement of the little life.

      Love has brought her here today and soon a day of pain,
      And after that she knows that life will never be the same.
      All the love that they have shared to bring this destiny,
      Will now get stronger every day because the two are three.

      So as the day approaches and excitement fills the air,
      The ultimate expression of their love will soon be there.
      She feels her belly one more time and knows without a doubt,
      Lovingly she knows that this is what it's all about.

      To share in love so beautiful that it makes life complete,
      And even now she knows it's something that they will repeat.
      Of all the treasures in the world or pleasures you have had,
      There's nothing that compares to when you are a Mom and Dad.

~ James A. Kisner ~

[ by James A. Kisner © 2003 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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