Promised Roses

God never promised roses
Strewn along the way
He never promised angels
To cross our path each day

He never made a promise
Of a night without a tear
Sunlight always shining
And no storm for us to fear

God never promised us
A life without some pain
He never promised us
Great riches we would gain

He promised if we called
Upon His name in prayer
Down on our bended knee
That He would meet us there

God promised us to be
A shelter from the storm
A Rock on which to lean
Strength when we are worn

He promised us a refuge
Beneath His gentle wing
And in the midnight hour
A victory song to sing

God promised in the fire
His presence would be found
And through the troubled waters
He would not let us drown

He promised us a Home
If only faithful we would stay
Forever promised roses
Strewn along the way

[ by Linda M. Oliver -- from 'Themestream' ]


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