Question Not the Path

Each of us walk a path through life
Fashioned by the Father's hand
Mountains valleys dips and turns
It is here we fall or stand

Oftimes we become discouraged
As we look around us to see
How other's paths may be easier
Than one He chose for you and me

The Father in His great wisdom
Chose the path that we would need
To draw us ever closer to Him
As we bow down on bended knee

His design for each mountain and valley
Is to make us unbroken and strong
A mountain to strengthen our faith
And a valley where dwells a sweet song

If we never had mountains or valleys
No dips or no twisting turns
We would never become like the One
Of whom our heart desperately yearns

Question not the path that He gives
He designed it especially for you
In His love and infinite mercy
God will be there to walk you through

[ by Linda M. Oliver -- from 'Themestream' ]


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