Quiet Nights

          T'was late at night and all was still,

          A quietness I don't need to fill.

          A stillness filled with night time sounds,

          Where your spirit rest and peace abounds.

          Where soul and body are restored,

          And this quiet time is our reward

          for all the hustle of the day,

          Now gently, gently slips away.

          The phone is still, the chores are done,

          At least until the rising sun.

          When once again I will arise

          and wash the sleep out from my eyes.

          So Lord this time with You is sweet,

          A special time for us to meet.

          A time when quietness abounds,

          Just filled with little night time sounds.

~ Bonnie David ~

"He is like the light of morning at sunrise."  2 Samuel 23:4

His love greets us every morning with new blessings for the day...
With each sunrise, we embrace the grace of God.

[ by: Bonnie David (bdavid@adamswells.com) -- from Bonnie David ]


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