Rahab wearing a jeweled hat and dress.


          I hide my face at the market place
          I'm the talk of all the town
          Men go by, give suggestive looks
          The woman sneer and frown
          I don't like my past or what I've become
          A new person I long to be
          But no one wants to take the chance
          To be a friend to me
          Then I heard Jesus sweetly say
          Rahab,that simply is not true
          I would love to pour forgiveness
          And my love down upon you
          Oh Lord I cried, what must I do
          To have your forgiveness in my grasp
          The answer is simple, I heard Him say
          You simply have to ask

~ Cheryl A. Mariano ~
Copyright © 2010
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Cheryl A. Mariano, Copyright © 2010 ( cherylmariano@gmail.com ) -- submitted by: Cheryl A. Mariano ]


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