Briars and thorns do snag and tear thee
all along the narrow way;
Which do fester and delay thee
in thy walk from day to day.

Uneven path doeth trip thee often
in thy journey throughout life;
Trials, placed there by adversary,
take their toll, exact a price.

Friend and foe alike assail thee
for decisions thou hast made;
Leave thee bruised, forlorn, forsaken,
unsupported, oft betrayed.

Weary feet move slowly onward,
heavy heart in depths of gloom;
Struggling, falling, heavy laden,
expecting naught but dreary tomb.

But then HIS voice calls out unto thee,
gently urging "Follow me,
take thy cross and follow onward;
for I have trodden where thou be."

And in the joy of thy companion,
God the Spirit, blessed friend,
pain recedes, black night departed;
Only matters pleasing HIM.

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- submitted by: Joyce Guy ]


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