Reaping Later Than You Sow

"Support the missionary"
Was the poster's bold refrain
A photo and some info
And a family was named

Work had been established
But few hearts had been won
The gospel was proclaimed
But not many had met the Son

We all agreed to offer
A word in times of prayer
For those who had obeyed
In need of love and care

Their lives are testimonies
Of God's faithfulness divine
Living with much less
Yet living in God's time

Yet we've become a people
Of instant everything
We want to see results
We want to see the names

Did we get a good return
For the funds we gathered up?
Are they REALLY serving God
Or should they drink a different cup?

But we don't see the seeds
That in future years may yield
A crop so rich - abundant
A mighty harvest field

Yet the servants sharing Jesus
Need prayers, support and more
They need us to encourage
As into lives they pour

Results may not be seen
In the lifetime we remain
But then, a heart for missions
Begins and ends in Jesus' name

So be not weary in well doing
For the results are not our own
We all must learn obedience
Until the seed's full grown

For there is a common knowledge
Amongst farmers that I know
A field takes time to be prepared
And you reap later than you sow

Glenn A. Hascall

[ by: Glenn A. Hascall Copyright © 2003 ( -- submitted by Glenn Hascall ]


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