Rebellion, it IS a Choice

Let me do what I want we say, as our hearts rebel within.
Not what You want for me Lord, I'd much rather live in sin!
I want to have fun, for awhile at least, I'll get saved someday.
The pleasures of sin, let me enjoy, then I will change my way.

Then one day we see, we have nothing at all.
Lord, what in the world can I do?
If only I had asked the Lord to come in.
He would have seen me through.

I don't want to go to Hell, I now see.
Lord, forgive me and save me today.
I'm willing to turn from these worldly things.
Come into to my heart, dear Lord... and stay.

Thank You, Lord, for this last chance,
to ask You to save my soul.
Take my life and mold it, Lord.
I want You to make me whole!

It's so good to have joy in my life!
How wonderful to know that You care!
Help me Lord, to spread the Word;
There's nothing else that can compare!

[ by Dot Wilson -- {used with permission} ]


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