Woman reflecting on her life as she gazes at the water.


          Reflection of love
          did I share with you?
          Or did I withhold, my own desires to pursue?

          Reflection of words
          were they loving and kind?
          Or did I, in anger, too often speak my mind?

          Reflection of grace
          did I extend where required?
          Or did I selfishly seek only what I desired?

          Reflection of my life
          what is there to see?
          Am I living for God or am I living for me?

          Reflection of Jesus
          oh, God let me be,
          More like Him and less like me.

~ Cindy Kreis ~
Copyright © 2010
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Cindy Kreis, Copyright © 2010 ( ckreis06@hotmail.com ) -- submitted by: Cindy Kreis ]


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