Beautiful snowcapped mountain, covered with trees and flowers, reflecting in the lake.


O God, I look about and see
the glory of your majesty
in stars above that shine at night
and in the sun at daybreak's light.

I see you in the skies so blue
and find you in the dark clouds, too.
You are there in gentle rain;
through every storm and hurricane.

I feel you in the winds that blow,
in summer sun and winter snow.
I know you're never far away
I feel your love each time I pray.

When I look up at the sky at night
and witness heaven's glorious sight,
I feel my soul has taken wing
and in my heart, the angels sing.

And for a time, my world stands still;
my heart and soul and spirit fill
with sweet serenity and peace
when every care and worry cease.

It's in those moments that I find
the courage to leave self behind;
to place my life unto your care
and trust you as my soul lies bare.

I'm grateful for each lesson learned
and for blessings given I've never earned.
And thank you for each message, too.
Each time I see them, I think of you.

~ Linda Lee Gleason ~
Copyright © 2013
All Rights Reserved

[ By: Linda Lee Gleason, Copyright © 2013 ( ) -- submitted by: Linda Gleason ]

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